4275 JAS Мини-сверла, диаметр 0,3 - 1,6 мм, набор, 20 шт., HSS 9341, нет покрытия--> Наручные часы Q&Q--> Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

колеса 28;материал рамы: карбон (углепластик);количество скоростей: 20;пол: женский;амортизация: Rigid (жесткий)


Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

The Axial represents pure, high-end carbon frame construction. Our Advanced Twin Mold monocoque technology gives full control over fibre lay-up, which is essentail for building such a light yet stiff chassis.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

View specifications: Cube Axial WLS GTC SL 2014 - View Reviews, Specifications, Prices, Comparisons and Local Bike Shops.

Cube WLS GTC Pro. Cube Axial WLS GTC SL 2015:. Cube AXIAL WLS GTC Pro 2014 RRP £1,399.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Spec Value. Price £100 more expensive;
Cube WLS GTC SL 2015: £1,699: Frame Carbon Fibre. Cube AXIAL WLS 2014 RRP £699. Spec Value.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Axial WLS 2013 RRP £899. Spec Value. Chainset Shimano.

CUBE Axial WLS GTC SL Disc mint´n´green 2017

Feb 29, 2016 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. /> Latest Cube WLS GTC SL (2015) reviews, ratings from genuine shoppers.

Find best deals and buying advice from consumers on Cube Axial WLS GTC SL (2015) from Reevoo.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Nov 22, 2016 · Road Vs Gravel Bike - Is A Gravel Bike Really Any Slower? GCN Does Science - Duration: 10:19.

Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Womens 2014 - Out of Stock | Tredz Bikes

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The Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Womens 2014 sits at the top of the Axial and is a great example of a serious women's road bike. It features some outstanding components and plenty of weight saving.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

Cube Axial WLS Womens 2014 - Road Bike. Out of Stock.

Cube Axial WLS 2015 review - The Bike List

All Road bikes are delivered free to the UK mainland, 365 day & Price Match.
This is pure, high-end carbon frame construction: Cube Axial WLS C:62 SL Disc Frame in team wls Our Advanced Twin Mould Monocoque technology gives us full control over fibre lay-up - essential for building such a light yet stiff chassis.

We combined the Axial WLS GTC SL's renowned handling and long distance performance with road disc brakes to create the Axial WLS GTC SL Disc.
Innovative brake technology, a state-of-the-art carbon frame and exclusive features combine to form an exciting, high performance race bike for women.
The Axial WLS GTC SL Disc is a racer for enthusiasts who just want to keep bettering their personal best.
Frame: The GTC's carbon frame, precision-manufactured using Twin Mould technology, has a perfect stiffness to ratio.
Oversized main frame tubes featuring extra-large cross-sections at the head tube, the tapered head tube, PressFit bottom bracket shell and even X12 axles at front and rear all provide excellent stiffness and very precise steering, while thin seat stays add comfort by aborbing vibrations.
Thanks to the Flat Mount standard we've been able to streamline the brake's appearance by integrating it discretely into the chainstay.
Performance-orientated, stretched geometry is highly efficient, combining optimum power transmission with lively handling.
Add Fulcrum's Racing 77 DB wheelset for rapid acceleration, and this is the ideal bike for everything from storming an Alpine pass to duking it out in a local road race.
Shimano's BR-R505 hydraulic disc system guarantees excellent braking performance regardless of the weather, while the CUBE CL Race Carbon Disc fork combines superb with a high level of steering precision.
The CUBE cockpit, which includes the Wing Race Bar, has been specially designed to fit the female form - as has the sportive Cube saddle.
Cables are protected from dirt for longer life, weight is saved thanks to the absence of external housing and the bike has a clean, sleek appearance.
Wet Paint Surface On polished, brushed aluminium and all HPC посмотреть еще, the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint.
We use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight.
Woman Like Series Our new WLS models come with different wheel sizes for different frame heights.
The 14 and часы M143 J010 Q&Q Наручные frames have 27.
Depending on body height, every woman gets the perfect riding character and geometry.
The models of our Woman Like Series feature a compact frame geometry with shorter top tubes and longer head tubes, giving a riding position that is more upright than on the men’s models.
This riding position relieves pelvis and offers more comfort.
The top tubes жмите сюда the WLS mountain bikes are lowered, making the bike more comfortable and safe to mount and dismount.
Twin Mold Technology The Twin Mold technique uses re-usable cores during the lay-up process to ensure precision frame moulding.
Special inserts guarantee optimum ply during the production process to add extra strength at frame points subject to higher loads.
This improves the safety of the product and delivers stiffness characteristics.
Tapered Steerer This steerer tube design is stiffer than a conventional straight steerer and yields a more secure ride feel even in difficult terrain.
Minimal flex at the front of the frame means the greatest possible steering precision.
With the larger steerer, the forks become more rigid.
At the same time weight is saved due to the absence of bearing shells as the lower bearing is fully integrated into the head tube.
On all of our CUBE carbon models the upper bearing shells are also directly in the frame, so that once more a few grams are saved and the energy transfer is very direct.
Press Fit BB With Press Fit bearings, the bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into the frame and not screwed in as usual.
This gives a wider bottom bracket shell and allows us to build a wider down tube and more broadly-spaced chainstays.
Every millimetre of additional width gives a significant improvement in lateral stiffness.
Adaptable X12 Hanger We optimized our new dropout design based on the Syntace X12 through-axle system, enlarging the area of the frame where the hanger is mounted.
We can now fit the longer Direct Mount hangers.
Shifting precision and stiffness is therefore improved.
With the new design it's also possible to swap the whole contact area of the axle with the hanger should the system be worn out.
Gran Turismo Composite In designing GTC carbon fiberand comfort are the main factors.
We use high modulus fibers for the parts which are stressed most – the head tube, the seat tube top and the bottom bracket area.
That is the frame still offers flex and comfort resulting from the flexible tubes.
Our special production process with inner and outer molding forms ensure that the minimum of required material is used, reducing overall weight even with complex frame designs.
All GTC frames have of course passed DIN -Plus testing.

Шоссейный велосипед Cube Axial WLS GTC SL Compact (2014)

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