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Майка борцовка Print Bar Беларусь (BLR-241400-mayb-1-M)

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Oct 16, 2016 · How does fasting affect your brain? October 16 2016 by Dr. Jason Fung, MD in DementiaIntermittent fasting Perhaps the most amazing benefit may stem from the activation of autophagya cellular cleansing process.

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Despite popular concerns to the contrary, fasting has potentially incredible benefits to various brain functions.
Perhaps the most amazing benefit may stem from the activation ofa cellular cleansing process.
Recently, one of the pioneers of research into autophagy was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Medicine in growing recognition посетить страницу источник this major pathway of disease.
Fasting also has known anti-seizure effects.
From an evolutionary standpoint, mammals respond to severe caloric deprivation with a reduction in the size of all organs with two prominent exceptions — the brain and the male testicles.
The preservation of the size of the testicles is also a significant advantage in trying to pass on our genes to the next generation.
The preservation of cognitive function makes quite a lot of sense for the survival of the species.
If your brain started to slow down, well, the mental fog would make it that much harder to find food.
Our brainpower, one of the main advantages we have in the natural world, would be squandered.
Each day without food would slowly erode our mental functioning until we are slobbering idiots, incapable of basic bladder function let alone going out 4 hunt for food.
During starvation, higher cognitive function is maintained or even boosted.
This has been known throughout history.
In Ancient Greece, the great thinkers would fast for days on end, not because they needed to lose weight, Майка Print Bar Hannibal (GNB-499517-may-2-L) 4 they believed correctly that fasting would increase their mental agility.
Even today, we marvel Майка Print Bar Delain the ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians.
In stories of Japanese prisoners of war in World War II Unbroken вашему Na Grafe Die Pathologische Physiologie Des Gesamtstoff- Und Kraftwechsels Bei Der Ernahrung Des Mens совсем Laura Hillenbrandmany have described the amazing clarity of thought that often accompanies starvation.
In this book, the main character describes a prisoner who would read entire books from memory, and another who learned the Norwegian language in a few weeks.
Incredibly, these feats were so commonplace that prisoners simply accepted it as a fact of life that starvation increases cognitive ability.
Mental sharpness increases during fasting In mammals, перейти на страницу activity increases when hungry and decreases with satiation.
Think about that large Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie.
After that huge meal, are we mentally sharp as a tack?
Or dull as a concrete block?
How about the opposite?
Think about a time that you were really hungry.
Were you tired and slothful?
Your senses were probably hyper-alert and you were mentally sharp as a needle.
The idea that food make you concentrate better is entirely incorrect.
There is a large survival advantage to animals that are cognitively sharp, as well as physically agile during times of food scarcity.
Studies have also proven that mental acuity does not decrease with fasting.
None of the tasks — including sustained attention, attentional focus, simple reaction time or immediate memory were found to be impaired.
No, it 4 that we are hyper-vigilant на этой странице energetic.
So, fasting and hunger clearly activate us towards 4 goal.
People always worry that fasting will dull their senses, but in fact, it has the opposite, energizing effect.
These sorts of tests are.
Aging rats were started on intermittent fasting regimens and markedly improved their scores of motor coordination and cognitive tests.
Learning and memory scores also improved after IF.
Interestingly, there was increased brain connectivity and new neuron growth from stem cells.
больше на странице by BDNF Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.
In animal models, both exercise and fasting перейти на страницу increase BDNF expression in several parts of the brain.
BDNF signaling also plays a.
Fasting and neuro-degenerative diseases There are also very interesting mouse models of neuro-degenerative diseases.
In humans, the benefits to the brain can be found both during fasting and during caloric restriction CR.
During exercise and CR, there is increased synaptic and electrical activity in the brain.
на этой странице is the process where neural stem cells differentiate into neurons that are able to grow and form synapses with other neurons.
Both exercise and CR seem to increase neurogenesis via pathways including BDNF.
Even Майка борцовка 4 Bar Близнецы (BZC-847693-mayb-2-S) продолжить чтение, the level of fasting insulin seems to have a direct inverse correlation to memory as well.
That is, the lower you are able to drive down fasting insulin, the more improvement on memory score that is seen.
Increased body 4 as measured by BMI has also been linked to decline in mental abilities.
Using detailed measurements of blood flow to the brain, researchers linked a.
Intermittent fasting provides one method of decreasing insulin, while also decreasing caloric intake.
There are two main classes — amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles tau protein.
The symptoms of AD correlate closely with the accumulation of these plaques and tangles.
It is believed that these abnormal proteins destroy the synaptic connections in the memory and cognition areas 4 the brain.
https://aisebijou.ru/mayka-print-bar/meteostantsiya-bresser-temeotrend-ai.html proteins HSP-70 act to prevent damage and misfolding of the tau and amyloid proteins.
Autophagy removes these tau and amyloid proteins when they are damaged beyond repair.
This process, too, is stimulated by fasting.
There is that risk of AD is related to obesity.
Over 5 million American have AD and this number will likely increase rapidly due to the aging population.
AD creates significant burdens upon families that are forced to care for their afflicted members.
Certainly fasting may have significant benefits inalong with — eye damage, kidney disease, nerve damage, heart attacks, strokes, cancer.
The method of protection may also have to do with — a cellular self cleansing process that may help removed damaged proteins from the body and brain.
Since AD may result from the abnormal accumulation of Tau protein or amyloid protein, fasting may provide a unique opportunity to rid the body of these abnormal proteins.
Fung's fasting course part 2: How do you maximize fat burning?
What should you eat — or not eat?
Fung's fasting course part 8: Dr.
Fung's fasting course part 5: The 5 top myths about fasting — and exactly why they are not true.
Fung's fasting course part 7: Answers to the most common questions about 4 />Jason Fung More with Dr.
Fung has his own blog at.
He is also active on.
His book The Obesity Code is.
I'm not quite in the position to take advantage of the full benefits of fasting just yet, 4 I can definitely tell you first hand that when you start producing ketone bodies on a regular basis, your hunger level decreases noticeably.
I work 4 hour night shifts and I'm beginning, for the first time in a long time, to be able to get through it without going mad with посмотреть больше and cravings.
My goal will be to eat a good high fat meal before work then not again until 24 hours later.
Thank you Dr Fung.
I am very much enjoying Dr.
Fung's revelations on this website and have now found his website, which is extremely informative.
What's more, it just makes sense; which I believe can be attributed to both Dr.
Fung's teaching style 4 the scientific data presented as well as almost just 'common sense' that seems to come to light after digesting pun intended all of the information provided.
Try to drink at least 2.
Fung has found something that, it seems, was lost to time and antiquity.
Why, in this day in age, do we always think we know better then times before?
Although I did not seek his advice directly, his indirect help on YouTube and other sources, was instrumental to my success.
This truly represents a proper and healthy way of life that runs congruent with what our bodies tell us.
The fact that there has been so much resistance mind you, not insulin resistance with this lifestyle approach suggests that he in onto something.
Many industries stand to lose a lot here; from the processed food industry to health care.
So this resistance itself, suggests that we are on the right track also.
I for one, and a firm believer.
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