4275 JAS Мини-сверла, диаметр 0,3 - 1,6 мм, набор, 20 шт., HSS 9341, нет покрытия--> 100--> TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

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TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z


Китайский дисплейный модуль из Алиэкспресс за 13💲

All Toshiba 13.3 inch LCD Panel (64 models), include 13.3 LCD Panel datasheet download, 13.3 LCD Panel agent & distributor, 13.3 LCD Panel quotation, 5 LCD Panel stock, 13.3 LCD Panel model filter, 13.3 LCD 5 model compare.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

HDMI LCD 5 13.3", 1920×1080, Ємнісний сенсор, 5 Raspberry Pi від Waveshare (H) з оперативною доставкою по ссылка Україні від інтернет-магазину електронних компонентів "DiyLab".

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

5 /> 3.2inch 240x320 TFT LCD module with ZIF FPC connector. 5 240x320Res TFT LCD with ZIF FPC connector with MCU interface Item No.: TST032QVHS-13.

3.2" inch TFT display module with 37 pins solder.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

3.2" inch TFT display https://aisebijou.ru/100/su-vid-steba-sv-100.html with 37 pins solder 5 No.: TST032QVHS-12.

Color 5 3.2 inch 240x320 LCD display with Resistive touch panel
качество 13,3 панель лькд экрана касания дюйма ФХД Б133ХАБ01.0 для замены ноутбука Асер 5 - Купить из Китая дисплей lcd экрана касания завод & экспортер.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

Инфо: Дисплей N133IGE-L43 за лаптопи Apple - Mac с гланцова 5 на екрана, 13.3 инча и много добри параметри. 5 е 30 пинов, специфичен за Apple, разположен долу в ляво като матрицата се гледа.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

Большой выбор матриц и экранов к ноутбукам. Купить матрицу для ноутбука можно на PK.by
IPS-дисплей 2.4" 320x240 на контроллере S6D0154

Нашата фабрика предлага най-доброто oled дисплей с конкурентна цена.
Ние сме 5 производители и доставчици на 6-пинов олед дисплей 5 Китай.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

a-Si TFT 5 Single Chip Driver 320RGBx480 Resolution 5 262K color ILI9481 The information 5 herein is the exclusive property of ILI Technology Corp.

and shall not be distributed, reproduced, or disclosed in whole or in part without prior written permission of ILI Technology Corp. Page 4 of 140 Version: 0.27 5.

TFT дисплей 13,3 LTD133EX2Z

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Suitable for MP4,GPS,PSP,Car and other portable,handheld.
Specification Gross Weight kg 0.
Part Number ER-TFT043-3 Display Format 480x272 Pixels Interface RGB IC or Equivalent ILI6480BQ Appearance RGB Diagonal Size 4.
Shipping Time Please use the chart below to help how long it will take to recive your order.
Rates A shipping cost estimate is displayed during online checkout 5 on the "Ship to" address you provide.
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What is not covered?
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Damaged or broken glass or touch screen.
Parts tamper ed with by grinding, engraving, drilling, cutting or applying coatings of any kind.
Addition or removal of components.
Evidence of damage caused by operating outside of specified temperature range.
Evidence of damage caused by electrostatic discharge ESD.
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We do not give refunds, credit memos.
How do I make a warranty claim?
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Description ER-TFT043-3 is 480x272 dots 4.
It can be used in any embedded systems,car,mp4,gps,industrial device,security and hand-held equipment which requires 5 in high quality and colorful image.
It supports rgb interface.
FPC with zif connector is easily to assemble or remove.
Of course, we wouldn't just leave you with a datasheet and a "good luck!
Here is the link for and The Адрес backlight driver IC we suggest to use for this display is.

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