4275 JAS Мини-сверла, диаметр 0,3 - 1,6 мм, набор, 20 шт., HSS 9341, нет покрытия--> 100--> Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

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Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

1080p Full HD (1920x1080);диагональ экрана 52;частота обновления экрана 100 Гц;мощность звука 80 Вт (2x40 Вт);HDMI x2, USB x2


Review Digital Movie Loewe Individual 46 Compose 3D Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

View and Download Loewe 52 operating instructions manual online. Loewe TV instructions.

Espace LOEWE. - HD Store Paris - Cobrason

52 HDTV pdf manual download. Also for: Individual 52 compose full-hd+Individual 46 compose full-hd+ 100, Individual 40 compose full-hd+.

Loewe Reference 52 Show Room

Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 Operating Instructions Manual
Fresh from its outing at IFA 2007 Berlin, the Individual 52 Compose Full HD+ 100' from Loewe is being promoted as the "big brother the best television in world"; a lofty and ambitious claim based on 'Home Vision' award its sibling, the Individual 46 Compose, garnered in 2006.

Loewe Individual 46 Compose Full Hd Operating Instructions, Page: 4

If you decide to have the firmware download the Loewe Individual Selection Full-HD+ 100 DR+, it's easy to do, without any registration. On our website - firmware-portal.com you can read the instruction manual download Loewe Individual 40 Selection Full-HD+ 100 DR+, by which can easily upgrade your mobile device.

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

Individual Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ connected than ever. 100Hz technology for perfect picture brilliance - more flowing movements without any jumping contour blurring.
Individual 40 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ connected than ever. 100 Hz technology for perfectly brilliant images – more flowing movements without any jumping or contour blurring.

Mediaplayer – direct access to all multimedia content in the home network.

Loewe Individual 46 Compose Full Hd Operating Instructions

Have a look at the manual Loewe Individual 46 Compose Full Hd Operating online for free. It’s possible to download the document as PDF or print. UserManuals.tech offer 36 Loewe manuals and user’s guides for. Share the user manual or guide onTwitter or Google+.

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

videos from my Ethernet Disk Home Edition to my TV. for digital picture frames have wireless connectivity, Loewe Connect, networked sound system like a Roku or Sonos.

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

the Manual Upload.
Loewe ya tiene en España la actualización de su modelo Loewe Individual Compose, en el que podemos personalizar el читать.

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

El Loewe Individual 52 es una pantalla con tamaño de 52. /> Jan 18, · Just so you know right from the off, we’re not intending to spend any significant amount of time discussing or the Loewe Individual 46 Compose 3D’s price.

Телевизор Loewe Individual 52 Compose Full-HD+ 100 DR+ 52

We guess we can’t. LED display for current operating mode page 11; 62.
Switch over to TV mode page 62.
Switch over to operate recorder page 55.
Set picture format page 16.
PIP: Position of the PIP picture; продолжить 15.
Teletext functions page 22.
Description of the functions, see operating manual Digital Recorder.
At Loewe, we combine the highest standards of technology, design and user friendliness.
This applies equally for TV, video and accessories.
Your new TV set is equipped for the TV standard "HDTV" High Definition Television.
With its high definition.
You can return to the previous step or exit the wizard at any time.
The wizards in overview Initial installation The initial installation wizard helps you with the initial installation and connection of any existing equipment see page 12.
Setting up the antenna You enter the antenna wizard which antenna signals are available to you.
The antenna wizard is called in initial installation see page 12.
Search wizard If you want to search for new stations after the initial installation, or if you have set up your antenna for the first time, then you can handle this task with the help of the search wizard see page 24.
Connecting external devices The connection wizard ensures that all devices are correctly registered and connected.
It is started automatically at the end of the initial instal- lation wizard but can also be called separately see page 40.
Only have your TV device repaired or serviced by authorised television technicians.
Only use original such as Loewe stands if possible see Acces- sories on pages 68 and 69.
Supervision Do not allow children to use the TV set without supervision or to play in the immediate vicinity of the TV set.
Do not allow the switched-on TV set to run unattended.
Volume Loud music can lead to ear damage.
Avoid extreme volume especially over long periods and when using headphones.
Cleaning Clean the TV set, the screen, and the remote control unit with a soft, moist, and clean cloth,only, without any aggressive or scouring cleaning agents.
Thunder storms Pull out the mains plug and all connected antenna cables from the TV set in a thunderstorm.
Overvoltage by lightning can damage the set via the antenna system, as well as via the mains.
The mains plug and all connected antenna cables should Кран запорно-регулирующий Danfoss JiP BaBV Ду 100 фланцевый be pulled out during long pe- riods of absence.
Note on the LCD screen The TV set you have purchased with LCD screen satisfies the most rigor- ous quality requirements and has been inspected relative to pixel errors.
Slide the cover up from below.
Adjusting the remote control for operating the TV set Press the TV button.
See page 62 to learn about operating other Loewe devices.
Remove the cover for the connections.
Connect the TV set to a 220-240V outlet:.
The display in the control panel on the front of the set will be illuminated red, the set is now in standby mode.
A dialogue appears, where you can confirm to set the operating software to the selected location.
If Yes is selected and confirmed with OK, the TV set turns off and on again automatically.
First installation starts again after activating the operation software.
If MHEG-5 was activated, DVB-C and DVB-S can not be used anymore.
If a Digital Link Plus capable recorder is connected, the station list of the analogue stations is transmitted to the external recorder.
Explanations of the DVB-T antenna: With good reception conditions a room antenna can be Room antenna used for DVB-T socket ANT2.
Other menus как сообщается здесь be opened with other buttons on the remote control.
The menus are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
At the top you get additional information about the selected menu item see info подробнее на этой странице on the right.
Picture Here you can adjust among other things: Contrast, colour, brightness, picture adjustment, sharpness, picture format.
TV menu Picture Picture adjustment Example: Selecting and executing functions 34 S elect Picture, 6 go to the menu line below.
The complete function scope of the TV set can thus be easily understood.
Alphabetic sorting is preceded by the items Language, Integrated features and Repeat initial installation.
You will see an info text for the highlighted keyword in the info display.
If MHEG-5 is active, call the status display with INFO and press INFO again for index.
You can select your language for operating the TV set.
Index Language Integrated features.
Digital Noise Control DNC Loudspeaker sound Headphone sound more.
Auto volume Image + AV output signal Picture format.
The station display with sound identification is displayed briefly.
With the numeric keys of the remote control 1-digit stations Keep the numeric button pressed for one second, the station changes immediately.
Each favourites list can contain up to 99 stations.
After посетить страницу installation, 10 stations from the station list are already stored in the first list.
Red button: Calls the favourites list.
The momentarily reproduced audio signal is output with the ideal number of speakers.
Play via an external HiFi amplifier.
Selection is only possible if an amplifier has been selected in the sound components wizard see page 52.
Speech, Classical, Pop, Custom music, and Custom film sound.
Adjust the headphones volume.
Proper boost of bass and treble tones at low volume.
Here you can make Dolby Pro Logic II sound settings for mode movie, music, matrix and приведу ссылку settings.
Menu item only appears with certain sound mode settings.
Only available for analogue stations.
Reduces volume differences, e.
Sound selection for two-sound broadcasts.
Adjusting the picture Picture adjustment Here, you can switch between the preset standard values for contrast, colour intensity, colour temperature, brightness, focus and digital noise reduction and your own personal Крючки Vanfook JHT />The function of the coloured buttons is shown at the bottom of the menus and wizards.
Below, some of the function are listed which you need in TV mode for the daily handling of your TV set.
For TV sets with MHEG-5 software you can open the DR archive via the menu Assist + see page 16.
Green button: Open the Teletext functions menu.
Teletext functions Teletext subtitles on, with normal size 3 4 S elect Teletext subtitles or Personal text pages.
For MHEG-5, INFO button.
The bar if available indicates the progress of the current programme.
A selection see right hand columnthe time and, if acti- vated, the alarm time and switch-off time appear at the bottom depending on the DVB station.
For example the description for TV stations.
Note: The newly found stations which you have already deleted are not marked.
Change stations Here you can move stations, delete stations, restore перейти you have deleted and enter and change names of analogue stations.
You can put together the favourites lists to suit your requirements e.
Other persons using this TV set can create their own favourites lists.
The favourites lists also have the advantage that the stations of different signal sources can be stored in the order you wish.
Your TV set distinguishes between two PIP displays: Split screen In this case the screen is divided in the middle and the ad- ditonal PIP image is shown on the right side of the screen.
Both images are compressed horizontally and each gets half of the screen.
Small PIP In this case a small PIP image is inserted in the TV picture.
The PIP operation distinguishes between two functionalities: Standard PIP Stations freely selectable and changeable for PIP and TV picture coloured buttons have PIP-specific meaning, see below.
TV menu Settings Type Small PIP.
With the system, as with a printed pro- gramme guide, you can learn about the current programme.
In addition programmes can be sorted according to certain topics, memorised, and also recordings can be programmed.
You can call detailed information with the TEXT button if this function is offered by the TEXT icon in the lower left.
Red button: Starts recording wizard.
Change or confirm timer data if necessary see page 54, "The direct way to record".
Then a red dot will be displayed in front of this programme as an identification.
Red button: Deletes the already programmed recording ссылка на продолжение the red marked programme from the timer.
Up to 2,000 Мусорное ведро Brabantia Bo Pedal Bin 121388 36 л are stored so that you have quick access.
ARDtext ARD Text Politik: Die neuen Gesetzesentwürfe.
Wird auch der Nahverkehr teurer?
Call the programme pages of the current station.
Green button: Go to the appropriate page.
Change the appropriate recording data in the following menu Timer data if necessary see also page 54, "The direct way to record".
Teletext menu In the Teletext menu you can, among other things, activate news, reveal pages and configure the teletext with the Settings menu function.
Radio mode on RADIO button on the remote control.
Or: R on the operating ring on the TV set.
Radio digital 1 DLF 15:05 - 16:00 Corso Informationen und Musik Volume 30 Station list Detail off INFO You see and information window about the currently set station.
Radio digital 1 DLF.
The CA module and the Smart Card are not part of the TV set's scope of delivery.
They are usually available from your dealer.
Loewe does not provide any guarantee for the functioning of the CA module.
Inserting the Smart Card into the Https://aisebijou.ru/100/parfyumernaya-voda-cindy-c-ti-amo-for-him-dlya-muzhchin-100-ml-parfyum-ti-amo-fo-him.html module Push the Card into the CA module as far as it goes so that the side with the gold coloured contact chip is facing the side of the CA module marked with the provider's logo.
Note the direction of the arrow printed on the Smart Card.
Remove the cover from the rear of the set.
Ejector button Carefully insert the CA module in CI slot 1 or CI slot 2 with the contact side forward.
If you are standing in front of the TV set display then the logo https://aisebijou.ru/100/came-af43s.html the CA module must be pointing to the rear.
Do not use force.
Make sure the module is not twisted in the process.
If the CA module is correctly installed, the.
The current software versions can be installed on your set with a USB stick.
Contact your dealer for a software update by USB stick.
The software can also be updated by different DVB reception paths DVB- T, DVB-C, DVB-S.
However, the prerequisite for this is that the software is provided by the appropriate DVB reception path.
This may differ depending on the TV set and the DVB program pro- vided.
Ask your local dealer for information whether a software update via DVB reception path is possible.
Automatic information by new software version In the Change update settings menu see right column you can determine via which DVB reception path if possible you want to receive updates.
Software update wizard Current TV base software: Current DVB software: You can now search for software.
Please select the software type and start the search with the button.
Software update Software type TV base software DVB software Proceed.
Defining the access code PIN Call TV menu.
D efine a four digit access code PIN the first time you open it.
The numbers appear in plain text.
Note the access code PIN well.
Call On-screen displays Call TV menu.
Explanations of setting possibilities in the On-screen displays menu: On-screen Here you set the duration of the display, e.
The exact process of the wizard depends on the choice of equipment.
VCRotherwise select the suitable signal type.
The AV input AVS see pages 5 and 6 offers the possibility of connecting a digital camera or a camcorder for example.
The connection designations vary according to the logged in device.
The AV selection then contains, for example, DVD in place of AV1 or CAM in place of AVS.
The Euro-AV sockets can process different signal types.
Which signal type your accessory device provides can be found in the operating manual of the appropriate device.
Owing to the large number of AV devices available on the market, we can only mention a few Экран Luma NTSC (3:4) 244/96 (100, XH800E for the connection of accessory equipment to the AV sockets here.
If the sound of a device connected to an AV socket is to be transmit- ted digitally, a cinch cable must be plugged between the coaxial digital output of the accessory equipment and the AUDIO DIGITAL IN socket of the TV set.
In addition the digital audio input must be assigned to the corresponding AV socket in the connection wizard see page 41.
Switch off all equipment before connecting.
Connect the Euro-AV output of the DVD recorder to the AV2 socket of the TV set.
Use a fully equipped Euro-AV cable available from your dealer Hp JL170A Коммутатор 24x10 100 1000BASE-T this.
If you want to receive and record analogue stations with the receiver tuner built into the recorder, the recorder must be looped into the aerial cable.
Connect the DVD recorder as shown in the connection example below.
Playback from AV device Call AV selection.
DVD player, DVD re- corder, Blu-ray player, game console or Set-Top-Box via a single cable.
The digital video and audio data are transmitted without data compres- sion digitally and therefore lose none of their quality.
Your TV set shows 24p films see glossary on page 70 which are output by a player connected via HDMI, e.
Loewe BluTech Vision, in the original 24p format.
Film quality improvement DMM must be set to on see page 21.
The sound must be piped in additionally.
HDMI and DVI both здесь the same copy protection method HDCP.
The connecting cable with three cinch plugs each transfers the picture information with a better quality a EURO-AV cable.
You need cable for the sound transmission.
IN is registered with the connection wizard.
Switch off all equipment before connecting.
The sound components wizard is preset to playback via TV speakers at the factory.
If a Loewe Preceiver Auro has been connected to the TV set via link cable, you can only select between TV speakers and Auro in the sound components wizard.
Integrated Dolby Digital Decoder Your TV set is equipped with an integrated Dolby Digital Decoder.
This system has been introduced to the DVD video range and digital TV sta- tions can also broadcast in digital multi-channel sound.
For playback of 5 audio channels the surround sound is reinforced by the deepest frequencies from the subwoofer channel SUB5.
All по этому сообщению audio channels are reproduced with the full frequency range from 20-20,000 hertz and generate the original theatre effect.
You can place the subwoofer anywhere on the floor.
We recommend placing it in front asymmetrically next to the TV set.
If centre speaker is used, it should be placed centrally below the TV set.
For the settings in the sound components wizard enter the distances of the centre speaker, and the front and surround speakers to your sitting position.
This guarantees a natural spatial image of the sound.
A comparable speaker system is connected in a similar way to that de- scribed above for "subwoofer without AUDIO LINK interface".
The adapter cable is available from your dealer see Accessories, page 68.
Connecting active speakers Switch off all devices before connecting.
Plug the adapter cable into нажмите для продолжения AUDIO LINK interface of the TV set.
Con- nect the cinch connections of the adapter cable to the connections of the corresponding active speakers.
The cinch connections of the adapter cable are labelled: R привожу ссылку Front right SR for Surround right L for Front left SL for Surround left C for Centre SUB for Subwoofer The connections on the adapter cable are preamplifier outputs.
Sound components wizard Please specify here whether you want to completely reconfigure a speakers system or whether you want to limit the configuration to changing the speaker connections, the speaker distances from the listening position or the individual speaker levels in relation to each other.
The Dolby Digital Decoder calculates the delay times for the speaker signals from these so that they reach the listener simultaneously.
Sound components wizard Please enter the distance of the left front speaker from your listening position here.
Sound components Distance to left front speaker 4,2 m Proceed 34 S et the distance between the left front speaker.
If so, establish a connection between the centre output of the amplifier and the centre input of the TV set AUDIO IN1 C with a cinch cable.
Attention: Do not use the centre speaker connection of the amplifier, use the centre pre-amp output instead!
For digital audio transmission: Select yes.
You will then hear the digital sound of the assigned AV input instead of the analogue sound if available.
Connecting devices to the digital audio input For the digital audio playback from an external device, e.
The external digital audio signal can be played back via the integrated Dolby Digital Decoder in the TV set, via an externally connected digital audio amplifier, Loewe Individual Sound Projector or Loewe Auro.
The recording wizard is integrated at several places for programming a нажмите для деталей />Further information about recording with the Digital Recorder can be found in a separate operating manual.
EPG Electronic Programme Guide Date Mon 31.
Time Stations Topics arte 15:57-16:59.
Then the station on the TV set is locked during the timer recording.
It is not possible to switch over to another DVB station.
Recorder without Digital Link Plus If the programmed timer cannot be transmitted to the external recorder no Digital Link Plus but supports Digital Link Loewe-own systemthe TV receiver is always used.
Digital Link must be switched on on the recorder.
Read the operating instructions of your Loewe recorder.
In addition use only Euro AV cables for the connection between TV set and recorder.
Analogue and digital stations You can control the recording from the TV set.
The recorder must be set manually to the AV input, to which the TV device is connected.
Then the station on the TV set is locked during the timer recording.
It is not possible to switch over to another station.
You can also collect photos in a slide show.
Plug a card reader via a USB cable or a USB stick into the USB port on the set see pages 5 and 6.
Use a USB extension cable available from your dealer for the USB stick if the USB socket is difficult to access здесь />To mount the cover, break out the cable opening in the cover flap.
A memory card or the USB stick should contain data in standard JPEG format with the file extension ".
Call the Assist + menu.
If only one memory medium is available, the PhotoViewer is started.
You see the first page of the photo overview see right column.
If several media are available, select with 3 4 m emory medium and then with OK больше на странице PhotoViewer.
The photos in this folder are displayed.
You can also collect the music titles in play lists.
Larger memory media may not be supported.
The read-in time of the memory medium depends on the stored data volume.
Plug a card reader with a USB cable or a USB stick into the USB port on the TV see page 5 and 6.
Starting the MusicBox Call Assist + menu.
If there is only one memory medium the MusicBox is started with the MusicBox list see right column.
STOP button: Once: resume stop, twice: stop.
PLAY button: After resume stop: Continue playing at place where playback was interrupted.
After stop: Start playing the first title according to the set sorting.
For playback: Start the current title from the beginning.
For pause: Continue playback.
Settings in the MusicBox status window Red button: Switch off TV screen.
Press red button, INFO or OK to switch back on.
Change and create play lists as you like.
Red button: Call Play lists.
If not, change column with4.
Blue button: Starts Rename play list.
Numeric buttons: Enter new name same procedure as for rename station, see page 26.
OK Save new name.
Yellow button: Starts Move title.
As long as a button is pressed, the display of the selected operating mode lights up TV — REC — DVD — RADIO.
This allows you to check which operating mode the remote control is set to every time you press a button.
Setting the remote control to other Loewe devices The specified button combination must be kept pressed for approx.
User interface of loaded DVD.
If the set is mounted on a motorised Loewe stand, you can use the remote control to adjust it to your seating location accordingly.
Do not place any objects in the rotation range of the TV set that could obstruct the rotation or that could be knocked over by the rotation movement.
The menu language was set incorrectly.
In the TV menu, Connections cannot be called displayed in grey.
The control functions of the Loewe Recorder and the Timer are not working or are not working properly General problems when connecting external devices via an AV input.
The connection of a decoder does not function or does not function properly.
Possible cause A timer recording is in progress.
With Teletext various character sets are displayed incorrectly.
No sound via the external digital audio amplifier.
адрес страницы picture of a connected external recorder is visible but the timer cannot be called.
The picture of a connected external recorder is visible but the error message no recorder available is still output.
Photos on the USB stick are not displayed correctly in the PhotoViewer or a "?
The wrong character set has been set in the Teletext menu.
The device is not registered in the connection wizard or is connected differently from shown in the connection diagram.
The device is not registered in the connection wizard or is connected differently from shown in the connection diagram.
Combined these devices form a system that offers many advantages.
With the Loewe system integration you control BluTech Vision and your Loewe TV set simultaneously with the Assist remote control.
If a subwoofer is not used then the Cube i Rack can accommodate up to four peripheral devices.
YPbPr is the original analogue version of the digital YCbCr with which, among other things, video data stored on the DVD and transmitted by satellite, cable or antenna in DVB Parfums Only For парфюмерная вода 100 мл colour coded.
Conditional Access module: See CA module.
Decoder: Analogue, coded TV signals are passed through a decoder and made visible again.
Digital Link: System for controlling recorders for video and DVD recorders from Loewe via the Euro AV sockets of the Loewe TV set with concealed setup.
Controlling the recorder for timer recordings.
Digital Link HD: System for controlling devices via the HDMI connection of the Loewe TV set in the case of concealed installation.
Digital Link Plus: System for controlling recorders according to protocol 50.
For analogue stations the station and timer data are transmitted via the EURO-AV socket to the recorder.
The timer recording is executed exclusively by the recorder.
There is a different designation with different manufacturers.
LCN: Logical Channel Numbers.
In stations with LCN, the channel location number belonging to the station is also transmitted by the provider.
The stations are sorted according to these channel location numbers.
L-Link: Intelligent system connection between Loewe по этому адресу for the automatic exchange of information.
Makes the operation of TV and Loewe system components even more convenient.
It is mounted in the focal point of a parabolic antenna.
The designation LNC Low Noise Converter indicates that conversion to lower intermediate frequency takes place.
The supplemental block in the LNB refers to больше информации fact that a.
SDTV: Standard Definition TeleVision.
SECAM: French picture standard.
Set-Top-Box: Set-Top-Box STB for short refers to a device in entertain- ment electronics which is connected to another device, usually a TV set, and offers the user additional functional options.
Signal input groups: Depending on the applied signal, the signal sources are divided into different groups.
All signal input groups with their cor- responding signal types are the possible inputs are listed below.

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